Tale Time: Makoto Shinkai’s New Film And My Tastes in Art

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Guess scenery porn and additions to wallpaper collections are a given. News Re-gag: August Premiere For New Shinkai Film The renowned director’s newest film, Kimi no Na wa | Your Name, will be debuting August 2016, featuring staff including Movie Director Shunji Iwai (Hana to Alice: Satsujin Jiken) and main casts, Ryuunosuke Kamiki and…

Update On My Showcase Portfolio

Showcasing what I consider to be my best work. Update 1.

Christmas With AnimeSydney 2015: Funomenal Gallery

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See…I DO have a social life! I recently attended my university’s (in collaboration with a few other unis) Anime Society Christmas Party. I was cosplaying as a stereotypical stalker (not really…I was just a guy with a fancy DSLR, occasionally snapping up a few pictures). The photographs here were all extensively…

Tamayura OVA: A Loving Thesis | Finding that Passion’s Spark

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Director: Junichi Sato Animation Production: Hal Film Maker Music: Nobuyuki Nakajima Genres: Slice of Life, Iyashikei, Photography Season: Summer 2010 (OVA debut) Episodes: 4 The Spark of a Photographer There’s a general consensus, that photographs are just fragments of frozen time and moments, nothing more. We take them on…