5 Clisby Way, Matraville

Assignment on photographing a beautiful property in Sydney, styled professionally by Evolve.


AnimeUNSW: 2016 Kickoff @ The Nerd Cave

To AnimeUNSW members, Thanks in large part to the rather unbearable atmosphere of cramming some 150 (?) people into a space meant for…80 people at most, I didn’t shoot much during the event. Ok I admit, there’s also that issue of preferring to demoralise myself a bit, just so I could win a few rounds of…

Tamayura OVA: A Loving Thesis | Finding that Passion’s Spark

Originally posted on ATMA & Funomena:
Director: Junichi Sato Animation Production: Hal Film Maker Music: Nobuyuki Nakajima Genres: Slice of Life, Iyashikei, Photography Season: Summer 2010 (OVA debut) Episodes: 4 The Spark of a Photographer There’s a general consensus, that photographs are just fragments of frozen time and moments, nothing more. We take them on…